Cancer with a smile

Hello Folks, This little blog is all about a Scottish lass trying to muddle her way through her Breast Cancer journey in the most positive way she can.

15 thoughts on “Cancer with a smile

  1. Sandra macdonald says:

    Hi Audrey, my children went to meadowburn primary before you taught there , I saw your first post through a friend Claire Wilson . I just wanted to say I think your a true ly inspiration person and I admire you for sharing your journey. I hope everything goes well for you in your cancer battle , keep fighting and I look forward to reading more of your posts.


  2. Heidi says:

    Thank you so much for doing this Audrey. It’s very brave of you. I’m finding it really interesting and helpful to read everything, as people normally don’t talk about cancer (and you write so well). I’m sure you’re helping many people, and I hope it’s helping you too. You are an inspiration, as are your lovely family! Much love. X x


  3. Emma says:

    Hi Audrey,
    It’s Emma, Laura’s old uni flatmate. I heard from Laura of the awful News and I’ve bee. Thinking of you and wishing you well. The blog is a great idea and I hope it is somewhat cathartic for you and maybe helpful to others. Anyway just wanted to say hello and wish you well. Seems to me you are being v brave. Lots of love. Emma xxx


  4. diansekartaji says:

    Hi Audrey, Thank you for sharing your story. I am your instagram follower, you are such a lovely person. I hope you can be an inspiration for other people who also fight a cancer. Keep fighting! I am sure you will win with your positive energy.


  5. Louise Capaldi says:

    Hi Audrey , I just want to say Thanks . Diagnosed very recently and had surgery Monday Sitting wondering how the hell I was going to get through this then I found you. I can now see a way forward . A million thanks , your strength is


    • audreyallan says:

      Hi Lousie, I am so pleased to hear that my story has helped you, it really makes me feel more positive about my cancer. We all need to stick together and get through this. Good luck Audrey xx


  6. Tuchila kamps says:

    Hi Audrey,
    I have breastcancer too (early stage, i had ‘just’ a 8mm tumor) and am in the middle of radiation. I had/have to go through the same treatments as you, minus the chemo. Hormonetherapy starts within a month and I am dreading it big time. Your story is both recognisable and uplifting. It helps me to read about other mums dealing with the same thing and get inspired at the same time. I try to be as positive as possible about it all, we still laugh a lot but finding that new balance of normalcy in it all is quite a challenge sometimes. Thank you for sharing! X


  7. Natalie says:

    Hi all the way from Florida, USA.

    I found you on Instagram and enjoy seeing your honest, positive post about your journey! Your family is adorable! Stay strong! If you have a GoFund me, I would love to help you any way I can!



    • audreyallan says:

      Hello Natalie, I just love how instagram brings the world together, its amazing for me to know that people from the other side of the world are reading my blog. Thanks so much Audrey xxx


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